How to reach Miami?

How to reach the city of beaches?

Miami is situated in Miami-Dade County, Florida, USA that is a famous coastal beach resort city. Miami is famous for its beaches and tourist attractions. Miami witnesses a tropical monsoon climate with hot summers and warm winters. The city is flourished with the environmental boons like rivers, canals, bays and Atlantic Ocean that makes it a really exotic place to visit. If you are living in any part of this world, you can visit Miami Florida. Many flights are available from throughout the world to Miami. There are many Airline companies who are providing cheap flights directly to Miami international airport situated at Miami-Dade County.

How to Reach Miami

How to travel in Miami

Once you reach the airport you can take the services of Metro rail which is connected to the airport and main city, but if you want to go South Beach you have to take C, L, or S bus. Although taxis can be expensive but they are available at ease. You can also use Swoop Miami which is a six-seat passenger electric car available for free. This taxi can pick and drop you anywhere in the South Beach without any fee; you can give the diver tip if you want. If you want to ride through buses than transportation within the Miami Beach area is good. Numerous buses run through Collins Avenue, which is the main street in the area.

How to enjoy in Miami?

Miami Beach has become more bike friendly in the recent years. There are some really notable biking and pedestrian infrastructure including the paved Beach walk which runs parallel Ocean drive and Collin’s Avenue. When you drive your bike near the sideways of Miami Beach it gives you a mesmerizing experience. Many companies can give you a bike on an hourly fee of $8 per hour or $30 per day.

How to get Luxury Car Rental Services in Miami

Once you reach the airport you can also ask for the available luxury car rentals company in Miami with good services. There are many car rental services provider who can provide you a wide range of cars: from luxury to sports cars. If it’s in your budget, than rent a luxury car for some days or weeks and roam around the great beaches of Miami. Some of the famous car rental service providers can provide you luxury cars like Mercedes-Benz E-class, BMW-5 series, Cadillac escalade, Mercedes-Benz GLK or other sports car. This way you can make your Miami Beach visit memorable. Take some photographs of you standing with a luxury car, surrounding by hot babes near Miami Beach and make it a memorable moment.

Sightseeing – Famous places in Miami

Once you reach Miami Beach, sky is the limit. Biscayne bay is one of the favorite spots where you can experience a thrill of snorkeling and scuba diving. The coral reefs of the bay will fill you with an exciting pleasure of watching the aquatic plants, species and reefs in front of you. You should feel as if you have come inside one of the famous episodes of National Geographic channel without and disturbances from the outer world. You can also try some famous Spa resorts or attend a great night outs at the stripping clubs. You can also ask for flats to stay from the famous concierge service providers.


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